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Do internal doors have to close in rented properties

Guest Daisy

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I currently rent my house and have some doors that do not close fully, they can be pushed shut but do not have the click. Another door closes but not fully as it seems to big for the frame. Are these in line with the fire safety regulations? The back and front door are fire safe. The house is rented out via an estate agent and they have inspected it and did not say it was a problem and passed inspection for it to be rented out. The house is old and if the doors need replacing then the door frames will need replacing too? 

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The internal doors in a domestic dwelling should meet a FD20 standard and a substantial standard door without intumescent strips,self closers, should meet that standard but if a door doesn't close fully then it meets no standard.

In a flat any door to the common area should meet a FD30s standard.

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Council E.H.Officer.Quotesd the housing act 2004 saying all doors should be solid doors not hollow.

Building control said they should be fire doors or non fire doors of any description. Who's right


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If it's an existing legacy build then well fitting solid doors are usually accepted under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System for the purposes of the Housing Act.

If a new build or an extension/renovation coming under the Building Regulations is being carried out then internal doors have to be FD20 doors (in practice FD30 get fitted) or FD30 between a garage & house if attached.

If no relevant Building Work has been carried out it isn't under the jurisdiction of Building Control so go with the EHO.

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