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Evacuation of people in wheelchair/ mobility disability

Carla Wynker

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Hi all,

I've been grabbling with what to me is a tricky topic: the evacuation of people in wheelchair/ serious mobility disability from their domestic property, especially if they don't live on the ground floor. Plus some of them might live alone and not have anybody to help them out in case of a fire. I've searched the internet for an answer has to what evacuation plan should be advised to them. However, information on the topic have been sparse. 

Of course, those people should have fire warning detection and warning system at their home (e.g. smoke detectors, heat detectors...etc), but what if the fire happen at their home? What is the recommendation? Would there be a point to provide them with fire extinguishers and a fire blanket? The thing is that in most domestic buildings, there isn't necessarily what could classify as a refuge area. But would simply leave their house (if they physically can) and wait outside for the fire brigade be enough?

The alternative is the installation of a fire suppression system (misting units), but I'm wary of those due to the potential of false trigger. But maybe that's the way to go? What is your opinion? Thank you all for your help.

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