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Smoke Seals

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I had some FD30S fire doors fitted in a block of flats complete with a FIRAS installation certificate in 2017; however, when I inspected the doors I could not see the smoke seal, only what looked like a draft excluder around the frame.

I questioned this with the manufacturer, and they said the Aquamac 21 weather seals were the smoke seal. I have asked for the data sheet, but does anyone know if a weather seal is essentially the same as a smoke seal?

I can't see any reference to Aquamac 21 having BS 476 31.1 testing. 



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Composite construction fire doors for the flat entrance (timber doors a little less often) often use a cold smoke seal that performs more than one function.  The person responsible for procurement of the fire doors and the installation works should satisfy themselves that the smoke sealing performance for the door-set is confirmed by suitable documentary evidence of performance to BS 476 part 31.1 / BS EN 1634-3.

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