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Office fire doors

Guest Gary

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Good afternoon,
I am currently assisting a local company with their Health & Safety compliance.
The building they use, spread over three floors, is predominantly used for office-type activities. It is around 75 years old.
There are currently no fire doors installed.
I am trying to establish if it is now a legal requirement that any/all of their internal doors are actually fire doors that meet with current legislation for non-domestic properties.
A lot of the online information I have found so far is rather ambiguous and therefore open to interpretation. I am looking for something specific which directly lines-up with the current law.
Can you please provide guidance ?
I thank you, in advance, for your assistance.
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It would have been likely to have needed some old style fire doors as far back as 1963 and the Offices, Shops & Railway Premises Act, but if it fell under the occupancy numbers needed to require a Means of Escape certificate it is unlikely to have been inspected, with a similar situation when the Fire Precautions Act came in.

Over the years I've been to a myriad of small old building offices that have been like stepping back 50 years in time because despite them having a legal duty to comply they escaped inspection meaning they have had to play catch up under the Fire Safety Order and implement what seems like a lot of work but simply reflects what always should have been.

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