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Fire Door Closing devices and hinges

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I am writing on behalf of a friend who has recently received a letter from her landlord saying her flat door is a fire door that was checked on a fire risk assessment and it needs 3 new hinges (currently only 2 on the door); a self closing device and new smoke seals.  She is a leaseholder and is responsible for repairs to the door but she lives in an old 1960s building that still has the boriginal door and the fire door was never fitted with a self closer.  And the hinges are the original hinges. We explained this to the landlord but they are saying the door would have had a self closer under building regulations. Does anyone know if the door would have had a self closer back in the 1960s? I believe that self closing was only a building regulations requirement from 1985? I don't think this is fair that she has to upgrade the door in this way I think the landlord should carry out these works. Shes not affluent and recently widowed which is why I am helping. Thanks everyone. 

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The previous legislation, the Fire Precautions 1971 had a clause known as the Statutory Bar which meant once the building control had issued a completion certificate you could not ask for additional work, but under the new legislation The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  it allows for upgrades to ensure the premises is fire safe.

There has been court cases to force tenants to comply and who carries out the work or pays is a matter for the tenants agreement.


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