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Are fire doors mandatory in a 3 story building if Enhanced Fire Detection is used?

Guest Graeme

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I'm at the end of a loft conversion where the loft conversion company have switched AI from private to local authority following the AI's liquidation do to the current insurance problem.

The loft company + original AI advised that fire doors to the central stair off habitable rooms would not be necessary as smoke detectors were being placed throughout the protected building (effectively making Fire Protection to L1) to provide enhanced fire detection. If any fire starts I'll be notified within 10/15 seconds providing ample time to exit.

Now the new, replacement local authority buildings inspector has decreed that fire doors are required which contradicts the original advice.

I also happen to know the same loft company have completed a job where the neighboring local authority has signed the job off without fire doors but with enhanced fire detection with smokes in every room, inc. utility room but excluding toilets/bathroom.

It feels like LA adherence to ADB, interpretation and adherence is inconsistent.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether it's possible to negotiate with LA BCI's or is their say absolute?


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Assuming the fire alarm is a grade A system to a L1 standard with a guarantee of adequate maintenance it looks like the first AI accepted the fire alarm as a compensatory factor for the deviation from the ADB but the second BCO did not.

The Building Regulations are functional requirements which means if you can find an alternative acceptable solution to the ADB requirement the AI/BCO may accept it.

You can negotiate with the Local Building Control and if you do not get satisfaction you can appeal, but if you do you should get assistance from a building regs expert.

check  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/building-regulations-appeals--6.

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