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Access to fire risk assessment report


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We don't but have a committee and chairman. It is he who organised the FRA. I now have a copy and there is a couple of points that I don'tagree with. Firstly, there is an understairs cupboard situated by the rear exit door on each of the six three storey blocks (each block has six apartments and purpose built in the late 1950's) . Whilst the door is not a fire door there is no source of ignition and of concrete construction. Most of these are empty but a couple of us store the odd items. These include bicycles and metal framed folding chairs (These have fire resistant seat pads) and some old scaffold tubes. This has been assessed as an A risk and as a result we have been ordered to remove these. Whilst much emphasis is placed on this there is no mention of potential trip hazards on the landings which is the only escape route in the case of an emergency.  Could you please give me your thoughts on this matter. 

Thank you Paul 

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The fire and rescue service (FRS) will deal with the chairman but you are all RP,s and responsible for the implementation of the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 .

Assuming the FRA has been conducted by an outside person, it is a guidance document and which items should be implemented is a decision for the committee, but could be overruled by the FRS if an audit is carried out by them, also any additional items that has been missed could be included. 



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The default approach in an FRA would be to ensure the cupboard had an FD30S door kept locked shut or be taken from use - but the legislation & guidance is risk based and in theory in a managed use communal area use as it is for non combustible items could be tolerable.

I have risk assessed a set of flat blocks with a very active and involved tenants/owners management committee and tenants/owners that are similarly cooperative and was able to allow managed communal area use and some non fire resisting cupboard doors in the FRA with the support of local enforcement officers. Having said that such a situation is sadly an exception and in many blocks zero tolerance and 'belt & braces' precautions are the only realistic approach.

So flexibility is possible, but it requires buy in from all residents to ensure it's workable.

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