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  1. Many thanks for your advice, I will take this on board.
  2. We don't but have a committee and chairman. It is he who organised the FRA. I now have a copy and there is a couple of points that I don'tagree with. Firstly, there is an understairs cupboard situated by the rear exit door on each of the six three storey blocks (each block has six apartments and purpose built in the late 1950's) . Whilst the door is not a fire door there is no source of ignition and of concrete construction. Most of these are empty but a couple of us store the odd items. These include bicycles and metal framed folding chairs (These have fire resistant seat pads) and some old scaffold tubes. This has been assessed as an A risk and as a result we have been ordered to remove these. Whilst much emphasis is placed on this there is no mention of potential trip hazards on the landings which is the only escape route in the case of an emergency. Could you please give me your thoughts on this matter. Thank you Paul
  3. As a freeholder of an apartment do I have a legal right to a copy of the report which was paid for by our collective funds. And what recourse do I have if there is something that I do not agree with . Thank you
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