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Converted Flats- Victorian- FRA

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seems i forgot to add in text here,  This is the cupboard that houses our meters, control panel etc, FRA has said these need to be fire doors ( understand that), im not sure how we would go about this at present they are sliding wardrobe type doors,  if changed to outer opening doors you will not be able to open 1 fully without an entrance door,  also at present they are full height to ceiling,


I will come back on the last picutre,

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It looks like you will need to build a full FR30 partition complete with a door frame and FD30s fire door which would bring the door down clear of the ceiling then chose the best swing. Under what situation would you need to have both doors open at the same time, close one, open the other, then visa-versa. Also, consider a bespoke door depending on the best way to do the job.

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yes i think 2  doors opening outwards and a frame would be the only way to do this, 

Only issue i forsee is that with either door open you block either the flat access /escape route ( though they have a rear exit to)  , or if the fire service accessed it, building door would have to be closed, , cant open both at same time, 

but lesser of two evils and fd30 doors obviously better than what we have,   guess 9 keys for access for the flats and fire service also needed as alarm panel housed here also, 

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