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  1. i will send them an email see if i get a response, i would assume, that either location would be fine for them, there going to enter the basement door for a fire there, the main building if a fire there, or the two own entrance flats at the rear, Currently the basement flat is the only building common area as all meters are here, 33% of flats do not enter the main building as have own access, Due to the building offset between basement and ground floor, doors in different places, relocation i do not think is possible without huge sums being spent, , (ceiling down, floors up in ground floor flats etc) , to not actually reduce risk level significantly n my opinion, ( infact i think the chances of damage are alot higher on ground floor ) i assume ours is not a unique building for these situations,
  2. yes i think 2 doors opening outwards and a frame would be the only way to do this, Only issue i forsee is that with either door open you block either the flat access /escape route ( though they have a rear exit to) , or if the fire service accessed it, building door would have to be closed, , cant open both at same time, but lesser of two evils and fd30 doors obviously better than what we have, guess 9 keys for access for the flats and fire service also needed as alarm panel housed here also,
  3. Yes , i did start looking at those, however there is no pocket to go to, the red bit at the left is the exit door, the wooden door at the end is a flat, so you only have about 30cm either side of the cupboard,
  4. what would be a way to fix this, i understand you cant use sliding doors ( with no pockets), i would assume fire doors you would need to be able to open without blocking the entrance door, space constraints make this impossible,
  5. seems i forgot to add in text here, This is the cupboard that houses our meters, control panel etc, FRA has said these need to be fire doors ( understand that), im not sure how we would go about this at present they are sliding wardrobe type doors, if changed to outer opening doors you will not be able to open 1 fully without an entrance door, also at present they are full height to ceiling, I will come back on the last picutre,
  6. yes the panel covers with whole building,( though needs to be upgraded as obsolete and a few detectors are faulty) we have got a quote for this, see attached pictures. two sets of stairs, one leading to basement flat, one leading to main building ( 6 flats) - remaining two have rear private entrances ,
  7. I may have asked this in another topic( but waiting for approval and not sure if it went through) Situation : 1800 Victorian conversion, History : boarding house / hotel/hotel with flats/ now all flats, last conversion 2003 signed off by council building control in 2004, - fire panel been maintained by a local company since 2005, Basement flat with own entrance / small 3m corridor to main door, In the area are the electric meters and the Alarm control panel 2nd basement flat- round the back of building- own entrance, Ground floor flat own entrance ( also at back) Rest of the 6 flats accessed through a central front door and a staircase FRA- Recommends moving the alarm panel from the basement area corridor ( where it is housed inside the electric meter cupboard) - to the main hallway ( Hallway approx 2m wide, has a book case in it for mail, ) and no recesses to mount in, ( i have assumed a panel would need a fire resistant cupboard) My own research tells me that, 1. Its not a feasible move due to the the amount of work that would be required, 2nd, fire safe says should be in an area common to all users , well it is currently as everyone has to get there meter readings, 3 flats with own entrances do not need to access the main building stairwell, nor have a entrance key to do so, plus you would be moving it from a low traffic area, to a high traffic area ( vandalism, accidental damage etc) , i am a leaseholder in the building and out of 9 am the only owner occupier, as such i tend to keep an eye on things,
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