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Sounders in purpose built blocks


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Good morning, 

A new purpose built block of flats 4 storeys plus a penthouse so 5 floors in total new build with a total of 7 flats with a stay put policy in place

The block has smoke detectors & sounders which also activates the AOV - 

1) what would your advise be with regards to the sounders

2) The detection is on the wall rather than centrally placed on the ceiling

3) The fire alarm panel is inside the water riser instead of in the entrance lobby & they wanted to put a note on the water riser stating the alarm panel was inside

Looking for thoughts/advise on all three points please

Kind regards


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I think this is an AOV control system and not a fire alarm and the use of sounders seem to be not necessary. I understand wall mounted detectors are acceptable under certain situations so check out BS 5839 and an AOV control box may be able to be situated in such a location.

Check out https://mail.yahoo.com/d/folders/22/messages/AHy_aH9aGMEgXLWUFQGSWEp7xnU?.intl=uk&.lang=en-GB&.partner=none&.src=fp may be useful and Guidance on Smoke Control to Common Escape Routes in Apartment Buildings (Flats and Maisonettes). 

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