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Do I need to change fire door frame

Guest Brad

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I'm converting my loft and have been instructed to change certain doors too fire doors to me regulations. 

Can I just change the doors or do I have to change the frames also. 

I have one door that is a solid timber door that needs to be a 30min can the intumescent strip just be installed on this as the door is set into a load bearing wall on the ground floor. 


Thanks Brad 

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Hi Brad,

I would advise you to contact a certificated fire door inspector to inspect the 'solid timber' door. They will be able to advise if the door is suitable.

With regard to new fire doors in existing door frames, I would advise you to replace the existing doors, door frames and hardware with suitably fire rated items.

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If the work is done to joinery workshop standards then the repair could be suitable.

Suitable timber would need to be used for the jambs, with seamless edges and faces, with no gaps or voids and fixed with suitable steel fixings to the supporting wall through the joint, at approx 100mm from the top/bottom and max 600mm centres with minimum 50mm penetration into the wall substrate.  Only undertake this type of repair where you have specialist knowledge and experience including about intumescent sealing, smoke sealing and door frame to wall sealing requirements. 

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