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Windows above internal doors - 1960 ex council HMO


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I've been asked to upgrade four internal doors for a private landlord, three of which have transom windows above them.  Fire safe glass can be obtained to replace these but i am hesitant to do so as the regulations on door glazing are so strict that if they extent to the transom it would be prohibitively complex.

If glazing is not an option then they can be panneled over but again there must be some regulation on this essential area?

A side point to this is that the frames are a little under standard size, requiring bespoke FD30 doors, so that if the transom must be scrapped then new frames with standard doors might be a lot more economical.

Any help in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

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This is a decision for the Responsible Person as defined by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and if the  transom windows are required to provide borrow light then they will need to be glazed with fire resistant glazing (FRG) if not they could be paneled over to a 30 mins fire resistant standard. It is not important how it is done as long as the opening including the walls and door meet a 30 mins fire resistant standard if that is required.

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Guest Glazing gasket required?

If replacing the borrowed light panel with a fire-rated glass, would the glass require an intumescent glazing seal as per glazing FD30 doors?

Thanks Dave

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