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FRA's Commercial Premises Shops


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Could someone please clarify when a Fire Risk Assessment is a requirement with regard to small commercial premises, mainly high street shops.

I am aware of the 5 employees or more rule, but does this change if the business, for example

Has a gas supply?

Is cooking hot food and has say 30 paying customers?

If the premises is on the ground floor level only?

If some have a sub basement, often used to store a variety of goods?

If the premises does not have a fire alarm system fitted.

Thank you

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All premises The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005  applies which means they are required to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) except domestic premises however any common areas are subject. The 5 employees or more rule, you are still required to conduct a FRA but it does not need to be recorded I would still record it as it quite often makes life a little easier. Check out the fire safety order article 6 and 7 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2005/1541/contents/made.

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All non domestic premises regardless of size must carry out a fire risk assessment and must implement suitable and sufficient preventative and protective measures as required from that assessment.

The 5 employees bit only relates to the requirement to record the significant findings of the FRA:

Where one of the following applies the FRA must be recorded:

- The Responsible Person has 5 employees or more (be it one premises with 5 staff or three premises each of 2 staff)

- There is a requirement to be licensed to carry out an undertaking regardless of if anyone is employed and how many

- The Premises have been served an Alterations Notice by the Fire & Rescue Service

Whether it need be recorded or not it must be carried out and precautions put in place

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