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Fire suppression sprinklers in care homes


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Does anyone have experience with sprinklers in care homes? It’s hoped by the care provider that once installed, they will be able to take the door retainers off the individual rooms, my thoughts are that they will not be able too as there is still a smoke spread risk. Would I be correct or has anyone experienced an FSO agreeing with the removal of door retainers?

I would imagine someone in Scotland or Wales where sprinklers are now compulsory might have some experience of this.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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I cannot help you as I do not have the experience with sprinklers in care homes but I do have an issue with door retainers in individual rooms, what do you mean from retainers, devices that are connected to the fire alarm and hold the door open, which shouldn't be a problem or do you mean retainer and the self closers.

If I was you I would post this question on Fire Net Forum it is likely to get a better response.

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Based on the draft revision to Building Regulations then yes:

[Care Homes] Sprinkler systems

2.53 When a sprinkler system is provided in accordance with section 10, the following variations to the guidance given in paragraphs 2.42 to 2.52 are acceptable.

a. Fire doorsets to bedrooms need not be fitted with self-closing devices.

b. Protected areas may contain more than 10 beds.

c. Bedrooms may contain more than one bed.

If any of the variations are made, the management procedures should take account of the larger number of residents that may need assistance, and the need to manually close bedroom doors during sleeping hours.

NOTE - this is only a DRAFT, however is likely to be accepted and come in during 2019.

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