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  1. Hello all, Could someone tell me if there is a stipulated number from when a guest house is deemed to be a hotel, I’m thinking in terms of the required fire alarm needed, when say a simple guest house with no more than 3 floors, it would be acceptable to have a grade D or even grade F but at what number of rooms would you need a more sophisticated system with call points etc.? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Would I be correct is saying that a small non domestic property consisting of several meeting rooms which was built pre 2010 does not nessasarily require fire doors if fire escape routes are simple and of minimal distance but insurance may require them for propert loss due to fire spread.
  3. Does anyone have experience with sprinklers in care homes? It’s hoped by the care provider that once installed, they will be able to take the door retainers off the individual rooms, my thoughts are that they will not be able too as there is still a smoke spread risk. Would I be correct or has anyone experienced an FSO agreeing with the removal of door retainers? I would imagine someone in Scotland or Wales where sprinklers are now compulsory might have some experience of this. Thanks in advance for any input.
  4. I notice some commercial premises fitted with domestic type (BS5839-6) smoke alarms, surely this is not acceptable from an insurance prospective? I can understand if a FRA deems it low risk, say in a small open plan shop and deemed an early warning device such as the above would be acceptable or can they simply not be used in a commercial premises. Thank you for your advice.
  5. Hello All My first post, so go easy on me and be nice! For the purpose of FRA on flats build above shops, do we include the shop level as part of the building, even if not owned by the landlord? ie, 2 levels above the shop will indeed be classed as a 3 story building or not? Thank you in advance for advice offered.
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