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Plug in fire door?

Guest CaptainKermit

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Guest CaptainKermit




I was wondering if somebody could offer me any advice on the entrance door into my flat?  I've found the blue plug in the attached picture on the door which i believe means it is an FD30 fire door.  If this is the case, does that mean I would just need to get a carpenter to fit a closer and intumescent smoke strips?

I'd appreciate any advice anyone could offer at all. - Thanks in advance,


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You should ensure that:

a) The door leaf self closes (from any angle) all the way onto the rebate stop of the door frame, overcoming resistance from seals and latch bolts. Procure a suitable self-closing device to minimum power-size 3 BS EN 1154.

b) The smoke seals must fill the gap between the door leaf and door frame.

c) The gap at the threshold should be no more than 3mm. Otherwise gaps up to 10mm require sealing with a threshold seal.

The above is a guide and is not exhaustive. If in doubt refer to your local fire door inspector at www.fdis.co.uk/inspector 

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