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Detection for use with DJs smoke machine

Guest Oliver

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Guest Oliver

Hi, im doing a fire alarm on a social club, not too sure whats the best detection for a hall that could potentially be using smoke machines. Im planning on using an Zeta ID2 system.


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The panel you refer to is a hybrid conventional/addressable that is in essence a 2 wire conventional that can have it's devices addressed for identification but is still using conventional yes/no detection devices rather than addressable devices that are polled and report analogue values to the panel and has limited cause and effect beyond a verification setting for HMO use (like the rafiki/fike Checkpoint Plus), so you are looking at heat detectors (I'd suspect the Opto-heats still have a risk of triggering.  You can isolate devices and zones, but this has to be done via the panel (unlike addressable systems where a key switch can be programmed to do this)

Fully addressable systems are often used where stage effects and smoke are present with a 'performance mode' C&E (often controlled by a key switch) that puts the auditorium multi-sensors into heat only mode during the event and then the system is switched back to normal (smoke or smoke/heat) for the rest of the time. The odd individual rouge fire officer aside this is usually accepted as the auditorium has more than enough people (including staff) to detect a fire promptly during performances. Similar setups can be used in clubs.

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