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Fire Door Signage on Double Doors

Guest CharlieMerritt

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Guest CharlieMerritt


I am looking for definitive guidance in relation to fire door signage on double doors.

I have various sets of double doors that are fire doors and I wanted to know whether I needed to fit signage on both sides of the doors, ie. 4 signs in total for a double-door set? Or would two suffice?

Thanks alot.


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If you are talking about Fire Door Keep Shut signs then fire doors must have “Fire Door Keep Shut” signs on both sides of the door at eye level. If a set of double doors, both leafs should have signs on both sides. Some fire doors will have automatic door closers fitted (connected to the fire alarm system) so the signs will say “Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear” or similar. Fire doors to riser cupboards or other higher risk areas should have “Fire Door Keep Locked” or similar signs fitted to the outside.

This is the guidance in many fire safety guidance documents, check out https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/422175/9449_Offices_and_Shops_v2.pdf page 103.


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For fire resisting doors you need to fit the correct (circular blue & white / blue & aluminium or stainless steel) signs. There's lots of information here  http://firecode.org.uk/Code of Practice 2009 Issue 3.pdf  in section 10 of 'Code of Practice: Hardware for Fire and Escape Doors'.

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