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Warden or Marshal

Geoff C

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Hi all

I`d be interested know your thoughts on any difference between a Warden and a Marshal, to me, Warden was always a Marshal, Marshal was a Warden, however, seen a few post`s where as others say in their business that a Warden does checks/ sweep/ etc and the Marshal directs the Wardens and takes roll call at assembly point? 

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The names are interchangeably as they are essentially the same role. Usually the person in charge of overall coordination at an assembly point is known as an Evacuation Controller, Incident Coordinator, Roll Call Coordinator, etc.

At the end of the day the terms are not legally defined and an organisation can use what terms they like. In the US a fire warden/marshal is sometimes called a floor warden for example.

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Cheers Anthony, 

my view was also that the names are interchangeable, re; Warden being a Marshal and Marshal being a Warden, I have never differentiated in 33 years but seen a lot of post`s like this lately ..... I`ve asterixed the company name out, don`t want to seem I`m picking on anyone :) 

What’s the difference between a fire warden and a fire marshal?

Somewhat unhelpfully, the names are sometimes taken to mean the same thing, and sometimes to mean different things. Here at ****** Fire, we do make a distinction between the Fire Warden and Fire Marshal roles. Fire Marshals have responsibility for containing fires, and for evacuating other people from the building in the event of a fire. Fire Wardens have these duties plus additional responsibility for routine fire prevention work.

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