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Setting up as fire protection company


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I am looking to start my own fire protection company and I am looking for a supplier is this something safelincs can provide for me 

also I am very interested in your e series so am wanting to know will these extinguishers meet the regulations or will my customers both domestic and commercial have to still have the standard extinguisher also on site 

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Hi Protect

Safelincs would be happy to support you both with trade extinguishers but also the extinguisher servicing tools you might need. The extinguisher servicing equipment is sold by our daughter company Actfire.

Trade prices for extinguishers are dealt with by Sarah at sarah@safelincs.co.uk

The Ultrafire water mist extinguishers are kitemarked and suitable for various classes of fire (A, B, C and F). However, there are limitations as for everything. For industrial kitchens with deep fat fryers you still need wet chemical extinguishers and for server rooms I would still recommend CO2 extinguishers. While the water mist extinguishers have a broad application, their fire fighting capability is lower than those of powder and foam extinguishers. While this does not really matter in offices, schools, housing etc, I would still recommend powder and foams for larger industrial applications.

Any questions, please let us know


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It's a flooded cut price market - do a lot of research before taking the plunge. You should of course be qualified to carry out the work.

Safelincs are a great retail firm but are not importers/manufacturers and there are several who support the trade. However as a new small volume customer you may get better rates from them than if you went direct to the manufacturer as they have the advantage of volume of scale discount that you wouldn't so it's well worth getting their trade list.

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