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Fire exit sign plastic or vinyl overlay question

Guest Fireexitrunningman

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Guest Fireexitrunningman

I know that some companies such as Jalite will make vinyl or plastic inserts for illuminated fire exit boxes so that you can replace the signage without having to replace the whole box, but I can't seem to find anywhere that sells plastic or vinyl inserts that have the version of the running man signage with the flames behind it like this:


Is there anywhere willing to do this such as Jalite if I ask, or would I need to get an emergency bulkhead light like the one below an stick signage like that above onto it?


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If it's not a hospital there is no need to use the elusive NHS Estates Symbol and just get the more readily available ISO 7010 pictogram, loads of maintained exit boxes with this pictogram available (but check as some suppliers are still trying to offload fittings with the discredited EC pictogram)

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