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Temporarily disable Ei141 smoke alarm?


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Hi - were are planning a kids disco at our house with lights and a smoke machine.  We have fairly new Ei141 ionisation smoke alarms throughout the house, and have been told that the smoke machine will definitely set off the alarms.  If I remove each individual alarm unit and remove the 9v battery from all the units throughout the house for a couple of hours during the party, will that work?  I tried to see if all the alarms were on a single spur that could be switched off at the fuse box, but they don't seem to be - and even if they were, I'm guessing the 9v backup batteries would mean the alarms would trigger anyway.   Any advice?

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Buy some cheap disposable elasticated shower caps and put them over the detectors for the duration of the party and then remove.

No need to mess around with the actual detectors risking damage.

That's what is done with detectors in commercial buildings during dusty works

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Sorry for my late contribution. Even taking the fuse out in that section will not resolve the issue, as the alarms will have a backup battery to ensure you are protected in case of a power outage. You can take the entire head off and put it away, which stops the alarms going off because of the smoke machine, however, you are of course not protected against fire in that period.



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