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Fire door in residential block of flats wedged open

Guest HelenBr

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Guest HelenBr


I wonder if you can help in regard to legislation regarding fire doors in residential flats? I live in a block of flats, on the 5th floor. The fire door on our landing (which leads to the stairs down and out) keeps being propped open with wedges of cardboard and newspaper. Is this illegal? What about insurance? Fire brigade? Would it incur a fine were it to be found? Many thanks - I am concerned about our safety.

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I do not know the insurance situation but wedging a fire open is illegal and the Responsible Person could be issued a notice from the enforcing authority (fire and rescue service) which eventually could lead to prosecution. First present the landlord with your concerns and if they do not solve the problem contact the local fire and rescue service.

Check out http://www.firesafe.org.uk/uk-fire-rescue-services-details/

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Guest Carolina

hi, i love the forum! can you tell me what specific legislation the wedging a fire door open is covered under? I have made some searches but I am finding it difficult to get the answer!


Thank you!



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