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Nu SWIFT Discharge intervals


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Hi All,

More advice needed please. I have a new customer who has been with Nu Swift for years. Several of their water additive extinguishers are over the 5 year discharge period although they have been serviced annually by Nu Swift.

The client told me that Nu Swift told them that their units only need discharge testing every 10 years not 5 hence their eye watering charges.

Is this correct as I don't want to cause them any more costs than is necessary. The extinguishers look the business but at over £300 quid each they should do !!

I cant believe how they get away with it. I wish I could :)

I've been on Nu Swifts web site and its totally useless in this matter

thanks again


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Guest ljh896

Thanks Guys

I am the supplier Tom

The customer has come on board now with me as the rates I quoted are a fraction of what he's paid in the past with Nu Swift and we have just changed the units in question as a precaution which the customer is more than happy with.

thank again


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Only Nu Swift's 3, 6 & 9 kilo Powders have the 10 years Extended Service date - all their wet's and the 2 kilo Powder are the typical 5 years.

Their cartridge stuff is unservicable unless you are a London Securities group company as you can't get the ) rings, clips, etc and they use Nitrogen cartridges with a continental thread.

As you can replace a Nu Swift extinguisher brand new for a fraction of the cost of even a Nu Swift refill that's the route most people take

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