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Guest Michael

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Guest Michael

I just noticed a number of Youtube videos produced by a company named 'Firebuggroup'.

In one video - dated 2014 I believe - they claimed to have invented the worlds first water mist fire extinguisher. It is available in 3 and 6 liter configurations and happen to look exactly like the excellent units you sell.

Are these guys OEM's for Jewelsaffire products - or actually the people behind the E-Series extinguishers? The company appear to have a UK/Polish related staff, so perhaps there is a link to the claimed polish inventor of the pulsator module.. Just curious.

Finally, when are you going to get a reseller in Denmark ?



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Hi Michael

Good to hear from you again from faraway Denmark! Still no reseller in Denmark yet, I am afraid :)

The low pressure water mist nozzle was developed by a Polish company and Jewel was the first company to manufacture and sell dry water mist extinguishers in the UK using the Polish nozzle. However, for a short period, Firebug also started manufacturing and selling water mist extinguishers here in the UK. By now, I believe, they have stopped trading in the UK.


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The only other manufacturer who uses the E-Series mist nozzle (under license I believe) is the Saudi manufacturer SFFECO who has a range almost identical in construction to Firebug's that include the 3 & 6 litre mist extinguishers.

I've had a client who has safely and effectively used a water mist extinguisher on a live 415v industrial laundry machine fire (after CO2 was ineffective) so it's not all bluff, they are as good as they claim!

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