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Vision panels in Fire doors in a double floor semi detached residential property


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Hello to all
The Kingston upon Thames introduced additional licensing for HMO properties that are less than 3 storey a year ago.
I have a house being let to 5 students on multiple contracts.

1- The licensing inspector originally advised a simple fire door between common room and hallway but recently he has asked that it should also have a vision panel in it.
I don't want to enter into an argument with him and make him sticky to his change of opinion without being knowledgeable on this matter

My understanding is that a vision panel is usually required in such properties usually when there is no direct route of escape and the occupants have to leave the property through a common room, living room or kitchen but my property has a dedicated escape route through the hallway leading to front door.

Kitchen opens into the common room that opens in the hallway. Stairs from the upper floor ( house is a typical double story semi ) also end in the hallway that leads to the front exit

2- If you feel that he is correct in altering his demand then where to buy such a vision paneled door cheaply. Usual hardware super stores seem to stock only general non vision panel doors? Google was not very illuminating and brought up websites for general fire doors

3- Finally as the general fire doors are 198 cm long, there will be a 4 cm gap between the lower margin of such a door and the floor as the frame to floor distance is 202 cm. Inspector has not asked for any intumescent strips or smoke seal.

Would it be better to screw a piece of 2.5 cm hardwood to the bottom of the door or to the upper part of the frame?

Thanks for the help

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The problem with HMO’s is in England and Wales they are subject to two pieces of legislation, the Housing Act enforced by the Local Council Housing Department and common areas the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (FSO) enforced by the Fire and Rescue Service.

This means there is no one guidance and it could be the DCLG, Lacors, or guidance created by the Local Council so you must establish which guidance the accessor is using.

Regardless of this I cannot understand why he/she is asking for vision panel unless there is an inner room situation?

I think you need to find out why the accessor require a vision panel and which guidance is being used? As for the other two questions I believe green-foam has answered that I am afraid there is no cheap answers.

Check out https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/14884/fsra-sleeping-accommodation.pdf



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