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Do extinguishers fitted in plant machinery need servicing ?

Guest ljh896

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I've been asked to look at a few 360 excavators and all the 2kg powders fitted are less than two years old but none have service labels on them.

Do they need annual basic services of just supply and fit and replace after 5 years ??


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While the British Standard asks for servicing of all extinguishers, this is in practice a grey area. Kidde for example defines their 1kg and 2kg powder extinguishers as maintenance-free on their packaging. As long as you inspect, for example, Kidde's small powder extinguishers visually on a regular basis and record your findings in your fire safety logbook and replace them every five years, you should have a reasonable case for not carrying out a service by an external engineer.


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Construction sites are covered by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 and they require Fire Fighting Equipment to be provided. It also states “Any fire-fighting equipment and any fire detection and alarm system provided under paragraph (1) shall be examined and tested at suitable intervals and properly maintained." To me, this means it has to be maintained and tested in accordance with BS 5306 part3 2009 which includes the basic 12 month service. In light of what Harry has said I would suggest you get in touch with the manufacturer.

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Guest SteveHelli

I have the 1Kg extinguisher in my home. I have had the product 10 months. The gauge still shows healthy and has never been used. Can i self inspect the bottle ?? Providing its never used and the gauge shows a healthy green what is the correct specification to change the bottle and or contents.

Regards Steve

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I would ask why do you have it.

If its at your own private home, then look at its gauge once a year, and turn it  upside down slowly then back again, then check the gauge if it stays green keep it. How many years you do this for is your choice, but the life expectancy is 10 years.


If its for a commercial reason or a HMO and is part of the risk assessment then it will need to be serviced by a competent person annually.


As an aside, safelincs can supply you with a 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher for £17.75+ postage http://www.safelincs.co.uk/ultrafire-redline-1kg-abc-dry-powder-fire-extinguisher/] 

So it means it is cheaper to replace it than to have it serviced or refilled.


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