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Do all call points have to be the same?

Guest Deborahhunt

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Guest Deborahhunt

Could you please advise whether all call points have to be the same ? we have a mix of old and new points and our new contractor has said they need changing and must be the same.
Can you please advise if this is the case.

Many thanks

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I have checked BS 3859 -1- 2013 and cannot find any recommendation that require manual call point need to be the same design. There are many recommendations height from the floor, must be easily distinguishable, unobstructed but nothing about the same design. Fire escape signs do state you must not mix different designs but not manual call boxes, ask the contractor to quote the section that require this.

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I cant help but wonder.

Deborah Hunt, are you asking do all the Manual Call Points have to be identical? (You say a mix of old and new)

I would say it depends what you call old and new.

Manual Call Points should have a "plastic element" that when pressed activates the alarm. If you still have call points with glass Then, yes these should be changed, BUT if you have differant brands of manual call point, each with a "Plastic element" then so long as they look similar I can not see them being a problem.



(Apart from picture size) The above are similar, but NOT identical


(Apart from size) If it looks like the one above that has glass, then yes, ideally these should be changed.

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