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Colour dots on fire door

Guest MattMc

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As Tom says, refer to the plug colour codes chart. Most manufacturers use labels rather than plugs now, but my 'understanding' is that a green core within a coloured plug demotes that intumescent strip has already been fitted to the fire door (possibly beneath the lippings - check the top edge of the door and you may be able to see the ends of the strips).

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Check out BS 8214:2008 Code of practice for fire door assemblies is the British standard that deals with the marking of fire doors. Section 5 Marking, details the colour codes, there is the Core colour and the Label colour or background colour. The core colour indicates if intumescent has been fitted, green for yes, red for no and the second colour indicates the fire resistance in minutes.

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Third party certificated fire door (and fire door-set) manufacturers and installers belonging to the BM TRADA Q Mark fire door scheme use coloured plugs to indicate fire door types and ratings. The plug also carries a number that by referencing to BM TRADA can be traced to the manufacturer.

Other third party schemes such as BWF-Certifire and IFC use labels attached to the top edge of the door and head of the door frame.


Neil Ashdown CertFDI

Fire door inspector

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