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How to change the passcode on Phoenix 1262

Guest Shawntre

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To change the code you should follow the instructions below:

1. Press button C
2. Enter the current passcode (this may be the factory default 1,2,3,4 or a previously set user code of 4-16 digits)
3. Press button # (a melody will sound to confirm your code)
4. Turn the knob to open the lock
5. With the lock open, press the # button
6. Enter the code from step 2 (the default factory code 1,2,3,4 or previously set user code)
7. Press the # button
8. Enter a new 4-16 digit code
9. Press the # button.

Your code is now set to the one entered in step 8

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I have just bought a Phoenix Data Combi DS2503E from the local tip with a broken handle and they said the code was 2016 and they unlocked it before I took it . I have it home and now it will not open is there a delay on it or something im doing wrong


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Hi Bob

you need to make sure that the batteries are replaced in the front cover should they be low. Here also the lock instructions for the Phoenix Data Combi fire safe. If the standard factory code shown does not work you will need to get an original invoice to prove ownership to Phoenix before they issue a master code which is probably not possible in your case.


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1. Press the # button.
2. Press the green code change button located on the back of the safe door
3. Enter your personal 3 to 6 digit code and press # button to set.
4. The lock will emit a tone and the LCD will display IN. to confirm the new code.
5. To change the code follow the same procedure with the door and lock in the open position.

This lock can be programmed with an 8 digit master code;
which cannot be removed, but can be edited. Consider carefully
if you require this function before entering a second code.



1. Press the # button
2. Enter 0,0
3. Press the green code change button.
4. Enter the selected 8 digit master code.
5. The lock will emit a tone and the LCD will display IN. to confirm the master code.

test before you close the door



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Hi , we have large Phoenix Fireproof cabinet. It was not used for the last 2 years due to COVID , since we worked from home. Unfortunately the combination and other documents were lost. What would be the procedure to recover the code?

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