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Georgian Wire Glass


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Evening all, looking for a bit of advice if possible. I am fairly new to carrying out Fire Door Inspections and have came across a situation today where in a care home there are various nominal corridor doors with side panels fitted with georgian wired glass installed. The only markings they have are BS6206 B/F which I understand is only showing its Impact rating? There are no fire rating etchings on the glass.

Would these be passed as long no damage to the glass? 

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At one point of time in history the only way glass could have the required integrity was by being wired - clear glazing simply didn't exist. Back in the day it made identifying fire resistant glazing straightforward - wired = FRG, clear = not!

In existing premises where 30 minutes performance is required and has been  provided in the past for this purpose (usually as part of fire certification) it's reasonable to accept it (although there are many queuing up to condemn it and supply new glazing). Really old fire glazing with very thin wire can have issued with relation to impact safety, but usually is OK for fire.

A lot of fire door courses are black & white (not all)- today's standards or fail - but the real world (& much of the official government guidance) is far more pragmatic.

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