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Fire rates pocket door

Guest Lidia

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Guest Lidia

Hello all,

Please can you advice on a fire rated pocket door and it's system. I have recently been going through a rebovation in my home, after a structural engineer advice we have opened up a wall between kitchen and living room and the beams have to be 125 mm thick minimum so we did that. And because we live in a flat we need to change all the doors in the flat to fira rated doors. We have bought a single fire rated door system with jambs from eclisse to fit 125 thick wall as per their description on the website but they have send us a jambs fitting only finished wall 100mm. They refusing a refund claiming that fire regulations only allow fire rated pocket door of 100 mm finished wall thickness. I am really confused and would like some advice please. What are the regulations around fire rated pocket door do they only come in 100 finished wall thickness? Is this regulated I just can't seem to find any information about it. I would appreciate your advice.

Many thanks,




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I cannot understand why the thickness of the wall is limited to 100mm I would suggest you contact the manufacturer and ask what particular regulation are they talking about?

A single brick wall thickness is 100 mm with 12.5 plaster each side is 125mm, a stud partition is 100mm with plaster board each side 125 mm it dose'nt make sense to me.

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