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A 'valid' Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate


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I have 2x flats with self contained non maintained Emergency Bulkheads.

My electrician has provided Emergency Lighting Completion Certificates for both flats ('For Small New Installations').

The GF flat has 2 lights in the one corridor, which opens into a small lobby, then onto the street, the FF and Loft flat has 3 lights covering stairs and landings, again opening out into the common lobby. 2x very small installations.

A separate Fire Risk Assessement has been carried out.

When handed the certificate (a 2 page document), page 2 the 'Compliance Checklist' was left blank.

At the time no 'system plans' were available, nor any photometric data.

I have queried this blank page 2, and the lack of information missing with the Electrician,who has stated he has enough experience to judge the system as compliant as it is, no further form filling or information required. He stated 'I have the Certificate'

In addition on Page 1 it states:

This Certificate is only valid when accompanied by current:
a) Signed declaration.
b) Photometric design data. This can be in any of the following formats but in all cases appropriate de-rating factors must be
used and identified to meet worst case requirements.
- Authenticated spacing data such as ICEL 1001 registered tables.
- Calculations as detailed in BS 5266-1:2016, Annex D, and CIBSE/SLL Guide LG12.
- Appropriate computer print-out of results.
c) Test log book.

So a legal document, that to be 'Valid' requires certain information to be present, after speaking to other competent installers it seems common practice to not provide Photometric Data ... where the install is deemed minor, and despite the Cert having the words 'small new installations' in the title.

If the day ever came and a court required to see the Cert, what would I as RP reply when the court questioned the lack of Photometric Data, and a blank Page 2.

Any thoughts appreciated.
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If it was considered critical to the prosecution & serious harm or death had resulted then they may go down with you, but if the safety of employees are involved there's no due diligence defence and the Responsible Person will always carry the can.

It might be common practice, but is still lazy, of course in some cases it isn't filled in because they don't have the knowledge or data to do so, hence why fire alarms and emergency lighting are considered by some to be specialist trades rather than a general electrical trade area.

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