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Food and drink


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Just trying to think through the requirement in ADB and 9999 to provide at least two MOE from a storey which has an area set out for the consumption of food and drink and which is ancillary to the main use of the storey. 
2.16 of ADB additionally requires that the MOE should lead direct to a storey exit and not via a kitchen or area of high fire hazard

16.3.8 of 9999 is the same but insists that the MOE should not be via the rest of the storey. 

First off, why the special attention on consumption of food and drink which is ancillary to the main use of the building?

Secondly, what is the interpretation of ‘lead direct to a storey exit”? Is that effectively what 9999 is saying?



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I imagine the risk with the consumption of food and drink is associated with the preparation of same and a rather blanket approach has been taken. 
We have a small completely open cafe facility planned for the centre of a sales floor. There will be no cooking and the only appliances will be a coffee machine and a refrigerated display. The island position does not meet the guidance implicit in 2.16 of ADB. I guess a solid case can be made for the relatively low risk but I suppose that could be defeated by subsequent additions if the cafe expanded. 
I note one local major blue chip retailer had fairly extensive facilities island-fashion with the exits available only by crossing the sales floor.

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I would avoid the use of the word “kitchen” as it seems to set hares running with BC, call it “beverage bay”, “Coffee station” etc.

Reading 2.16(BR)

1.       You need a minimum of two escape routes from each area (not room)

2.       The escape route should lead directly to a story exit without entering a kitchen.

Since you have a “Coffee station” as long as you have two escapes routes from the story exit then you have complied with the requirement

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I'd agree with Mike, lot's of 'kitchens' these days are little more than tea points, especially in offices, it's a long time since I routinely saw offices with actual kitchens with a cooker or hobs in (it was quite common back in the day) and the associated 30min FR enclosure and fire door, fire blanket and 5lb Powder extinguisher is hardly necessary.

Similar principles apply to other premises, like shops.

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