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Guest Kevin

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I have been asked to fit new fire rated hinges to a fire door, the original hinges have 4 screw holes, the new ones supplied have 5 screw holes but do not align with the old screw holes, would this defeat the fire rating of the door or do the old holes need to be plugged before new hinges are fitted

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Guest Malcolm Rowe

Good Evening Tom,

Concerning existing FD30S Entrance doors to flats in particular is there an aversion to providing retrospective certification?

My wife has what is a FD30S Storey height  hardwood doorset with transom and Georgian wired glass fixed fanlight.

The door leaf is melamine faced HW lipped solid HW plywood with intumescent lined letter-slot and x3 CE marked 100x75 SS washed butts and 3 point Security by Design lever handle locking system.

The HW door frame has two seals a composite  intumescent brush and wiper blade and a compressible seal between the leaf and frame rebate.

Would put a image here but system will not allow.

Council has told my wife it needs to be replaced seems unnecessary given the door was installed as being a an FD30S in 2005.

What would you advise we do?


Malcolm Rowe

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If they want to pay for it let them go ahead, if not, what proof of the installation date do you have and are there any certification stickers on the top of the door?

It sounds OK and yet another case of a Council gold plating requirements when it's not them footing the bill.

What size is the block? There is published and draft to be published official Government Guidance allowing lesser standards in smaller blocks where the risk is less.

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