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Replacement Fire Door


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I have been advised that I must replace the fire door to a flat I rent out. As far as I know some have already replaced theirs. Before I did mine I wanted to make sure that I used the correct standard so I requested this info and also asked if everyone’s door had to be the same.   I’ve recently sent a reminder for the details and had this response today ‘The legislation that changes the requirements in respect of fire doors does not come into law until November. I therefore cannot give you any further information at this time’. 

Ive searched the net for news on a change in legislation but can find nothing and I noticed on this forum that recent advice has been given which I assume is current. My question is, is there new legislation coming into law in November? 

PS this is a front door to the flat.

thank you

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The legislation requiring flat front doors to be compliant has been in place for years, just ignored by many - the forthcoming change in legislation means block owners can't wriggle out of assessing front doors and external walls in risk assessments.

The standard for front doors is and will remain an FD30S door with an EN 1154 compliant self closer.

The only thing people are waiting for is the new guidance which will determine for existing blocks if new doors are required, existing doors can be upgraded or existing doors can remain.

The draft of the new small blocks of flats fire safety guide indicates new fire doors will not be automatic in old blocks, it remains to be seen if the guide for larger blocks also follows this pattern as was the case in the original single guide for blocks of flats.

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