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intumescent strip from previous up grade

Guest Ray

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My new work place has spent a lot of money on fire stop doors, however the doors are rebated for intumescent but noneinstalled as the door frame already had it in as the strip is in the corner of the door frame the doors have been chamfered to fit, am i being paranoid about this?

The doors also rattle when in the locked position?


Please advise

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The intumescent strip is best fitted in the door frame jambs and head so that it opposes the edge of the door leaf in the closed position. It should oppose at the mid point of the door leaf's thickness.


Alternatively, the strip may be fitted at mid thickness to the vertical and top edges of the door leaf.  Sometimes, if the doors have a higher fire rating there are two seals instead of one and on some double leaf doors there is sometimes a seal on both leaves at the meeting edge, but fitted offset rather than the seals opposing each other. 

A fire door leaf or fire door frame should not be grooved for a seal if one is not to be fitted. This is because it could potentially affect the fire performance of the seal fitted opposing the unoccupied groove.

A fire door leaf should be a good fit in it's frame and should not rattle in it's frame in the closed/latched/locked position.

Where a client has doubts about a newly installed fire door they should raise this with the installer. If necessary they could engage a competent fire door inspector to advise as a third party.

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