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Wedging of Fire Doors in ***


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Wedging of Fire Doors

Can someone kindly point me to the actual legislation wording that defines this as Illegal in an *** please.

(note this is not a licenced ***, but one that falls under The Houses In Multiple Occupation Regulations 2015)

Someone has suggested it is in 14 and 15 of the RRO, but I cannot see it there.


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You aren't going to get it in the legislation as it's functional and doesn't list individual requirements for compliance. The Housing Act governs fire safety as well and isn't limited to common areas.

Article 14(2)(b) is the functional requirement in the Fire Safety Order that a fire door wedged on a protected route would breach.

It would also be a hazard under the HHSRS scheme and thus enforceable under Part 1 of the Housing Act.

If in doubt invite a multiple agency inspection team to visit and see what they come up with!

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