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Roller Shutter Fire Exit


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No reference to roller shutters is included in BS 7273. It has been proposed to install a roller shutter door that is going to be a designated fire exit. The roller shutter will provide the only exit from an external enclosed area that forms part of the escape route away from the building to a place of ultimate safety.  I am considering accepting is as long as the installation complies with BS 7273 with the following three fail safe requirements: 1) It auto opens on power failure. 2) It auto opens on FA actuation. 3) A release mechanism is included in the installation with an emergency release device (green box) next to the shutter.  Your thoughts please?

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BS 9999:2017

14.2           Acceptable means of escape

i.         wicket doors and gates (except from high risk areas), provided that:

1.       they are not intended to be used by members of the public;

2.       not more than 10 persons are expected to use them in an emergency;

3.       they provide an opening at least 500 mm wide, with the top of the opening not less than 1.5 m above the floor level and the bottom of the opening not more than 250 mm above the floor level;

14.3           Generally unacceptable means of escape

e.       security grilles and shutters (roller, folding or sliding), loading doors, goods doors, sliding doors and up-and-over doors, unless they are capable of being easily and quickly opened. If power-operated they should:

1.       be provided with a fail-safe system for opening if either the mains supply and/or any alternative power supply fails;

2.       be capable of being easily and quickly opened manually;

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