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Diesel and LPG Storage.


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I have a question for the forum regarding the placement of diesel and LPG tanks in relation to high occupancy buildings.

Currently I'm working on a contract in Asia where the designer has placed a 90,000 litre diesel tank within just a few meters of a 50,000 litre LPG tank. These in turn are located less than 15 meters away from a 850 room hotel and high-rise office tower. I want to know if there are any current British Standards that specify safe distances from building for either of the two tanks and/or indeed each other. Also, is there a relevant standard or requirement for leak detection and fire suppression systems?

Thank you in advance

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On 11/06/2021 at 23:46, AnthonyB said:

Depending on the country they may follow NFPA standards as oppose to BS - or nothing much at all!

They are supposed to be using British Standards. However, when it suits them, they revert to local standards which a virtually non existent. This said, i can only find information on small gas and fuel storage of less than 100 litres. I have attached a basic plan of the situation.

Tank Plan.pdf

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