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Fire rated glazing

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If fire door glazing does not have a fire rated glass stamp, I guess the only way to tell if it is fire rated is to check with the manufacturer from the BWF label as to what the door should have in it for the rating it is the ask a certified FR glazing contractor,  or you may find some information in the building file?


Does FR glazing have to have a stamp?

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Thanks for that information, but I struggle to see an answer. We have plenty of older doors with wired glass in them but no markings. As i say, is it common sense to assume they are 30 min fire rated minimum because they are Georgian wired glass.

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This might help  http://firstglass.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Pilkington-Pyroshield-Pyroshield-2-Comparison.pdf

Wired glass has traditionally been cut from larger sheets (thus no marking) and used for glazing of fire doors and screens where fire protection is required. The glass will crack in a fire but its fire rating is provided by the wire holding the glass together and this type of glass can be found widely in timber fire doors and glazed screens. In recent years the products have been improved - see Pyroshield 2 (above link) and Pyrostem https://www.pyroguard.eu/all-products/pyrostem/   

The GGF guide provides best practice guidance for selecting products and installing them where 'fire rated glazing systems' are required.

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Hi all,

We have been provide some door surveys by others to price the remedial works. The surveyor has noted that multiple doors have glass in the leafs with no stamp and there are no o&m's or testing for the doors. They are 44mm leafs with  intumescent strips, fire rated hinges etc... but the remedial advice is to change the glass.

Is this acceptable if we do not have the testing to know what glass type should be used???



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If it doesn't have the etching for fire rated glass as oppose to just toughened or laminated the assumption has to be it isn't - fire rated glass in the pre-etching days was almost universally Georgian wired so if it was clear it wasn't fire glazing.

I'd have no option to request the glass is changed myself.

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