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Electricity cupboard 30min fire resistance

Neil t

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I've been asked to make a 30 minute fire resistant cupboard that houses the electric meters for a house that's been converted into flats. 

Could i make the frame/boxing and the doors out of FR MDF Class B - which gives a 60 minute fire rating.

and fit intumescent strip around the doors?

Cant fit a standard FD30 with stud work and plasterboard as the front door would not open due to the thickness of build up. Can only get away with 18/25 mm build up.

Also a lot of the meters are up at ceiling height so doors need to be light enough to open easily.



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Thanks for your reply, yes agree that would be easy.

Only thing is there is other stuff that they want hidden from view - gas meters, water valves, electrical trunking and the mains armored cable, telephone distribution.

So i need to make a unit for it all anyway, so would the fr mdf euro class B, be sufficient?


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