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Fire Test - under supervision


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I own a Licenced small HMO (3-6 persons), currently let to 4 persons.

It has a Grade A LD2 alarm system, that is tested weekly, with 6 monthly test certificates attained from my NICEIC registered Electrician, holding the required experience and 5839 competencies, he also installed the system back in 2017.

The system has had FRA's by an accredited company.

As an aside - over the years my electrician has permitted me to perform 7671  1st fix tasks on a number of my own developments, that he has then subsequently completed the remaining work (CU and final connections) and then certified, judging me to be skilled enough to do the work to the required standard.

During the last 6x Alarm System bi annual 6 month tests I have been onsite to witness and assist my electrician perform the test under his supervision.

Due to Covid he was not able to attend the latest test (he is stuck abroad).
It was however agreed between us that he felt on this occassion - I was experienced and skilled enough to run the test myself without him present, despite my understanding that the test needs to be completed by a suitably competent person, which it could be argued I am not (I am not registered or formaly trained by a suitable body) - my electricain though felt more than happy, and trusting of me to do this, and when complete would supply the test certificate, I would also test the Emergency Lighting which also required a certificate.

I actually wanted him to witness it Live via Zoom, so there would be evidence of him witnessing the test. When I suggest that, he said there was absolutely no need as he trusted me completely to do the task. I then suggested that I would at least like him to witness a recording of it.

I went off and understood a bit of a 5839 test, and that of the Lighting test.

The test was performed and recorded, with this being sent digitally to my Electrician to review, along with a completed check list and my notes. Unfortunately - it appears that depsite several requests for him  to review the evidence, he has not done so (ie not downloaded the files).  Our relationship is professional, not that of friends, so feel reluctant to push him to download it, after all he is the competent one - and so has the last say - he trusts me and judges me to be skilled enough.
He has now provided the test certificates, with his position noted as 'Qualified Supervisor'.

Should I take it that he is satisfied, and my insisting on him reviewing the evidence is just being over pedantic.


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What did you do as part of the test?

Ultimately you are legally responsible and have to demonstrate adequacy of your system of maintenance whether carried out yourself or by others - are you happy you could defend your position in interview and at Court? If so you should be fine if you feel competence can be demonstrated and the correct service completed.

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Thank you for your reply.

I drew up a test record sheet, each device's test 'event' recorded, with any comments included.

I vacuumed all the Smoke Detector heads.

I gave the whole system a visual check.

There have been no changes to the system since the last check.

There have been no false alarms since last system check. (completed log book present and correct)

I tested all the call points, Smoke Detectors were tested with a Smoke Saber (used as per instructions), the Rate of Rise heat detector in the kitchen was tested with a hair dryer (my qualified electrician has previously used the same - I researched the efficacy of this method, knowing such devices as the Solo Detectors tester is made for the job, but understand a hair dryer is acceptable to test the detector).

The previous Test certificates has a number of sections (12-16), which I printed a copy of and checked the system, against the 67 questions its asks.

I have observed the actions of my Electrician on several previous tests, and feel competent enough - the system test was no different to what he performed - but most importantly he feels me to be competent, and to work under his supervision, as he does with other aspects of his skills.

I have worked under his instruction for a good few years.

I have video evidence as a diary of the test, with completed test forms.

I do not have any qualifications, would a court expect to see those ?

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