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Who should pay for error during install

Guest Paula Clarkson

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Guest Paula Clarkson

Hello. Please can you advise if a company should check the alarm pane when installing new fire alarms to a system. Alarm pane started beeping the following day and showed 'Battery Impedance Test Failed'. Managed to silence the beep but the panel didn't respond to reset. I've been told I have to pay for them to come out to sort the battery. Does this sound right?

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I would say it depends on what is in the contract.

From what you have said the original batteries were used and the new panel "does not like them"

The question is were new batteries allowed for? I have often seen it where the panel was changed, not the battery because the customer did not want to pay for a new one.

To any one reading this  it does sound silly, but I have had people tell me to my face (in a polite manner) that the old battery is fine and they do not want me to change it, (I advise them the battery should be changed, but that they will be charged) and 3 guesses what happens later. (So I used to write on the battery "customer declined new battery")

Hence my opening statement.

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