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size of domestic extinguishers regarding unexperienced users and fast gowth of fire.

Guest Manuel

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Guest Manuel

hi, we have a 3 storey home, and we´d like an efficient solution, at the same time affordable, larger extinguisher units aren´t cheap,the house is aprroximately 660 sq foot big, with a garage, my idea would be the following:

-2kg carbon dioxide near entrance and 3 litre multichem abf foam for kirchen on ground floor

3l foam for the upper floor.

for the garage a 2kg abc dry powder, as it is cheap affordable and quite powerful, im afraid is quite small and probably better going for a 4 kg

Please i would be really thankful receiving advice and opinions.

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To be fair any domestic fire small enough to be safely tackled by an untrained occupier would be within the capabilities of a 1.4L Water Mist extinguisher, one per landing (3l if you really want, but costly)

If you can't put a garage fire out with 2kg Powder you should be leaving it to the brigade. A 3l foam would be similar performance but cleaner and easier to see.

All are available from the forum sponsor Safelincs.



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