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FDIS or BRE course

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Good afternoon all,

I would like to improve my knowledge as a risk assessor in regards to fire doors and their make up, compliance etc.. So, can someone please inform me what is the more comprehensive course and pathway for fire door inspectors, is it with FDIS or BRE. Are they both recognised equally, in the industry, or is there a 3rd option I haven't seen.

Many thanks. Steve M

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Hi Steve M,

In my experience, having completed the FDIS Diploma, FDIS Transition module (to become CertFDI) and the one day BRE/DHF Fire Door Inspection course, the FDIS package is by far the more comprehensive fire door inspection education package available in the UK.

On the other side of the coin, the BRE course can be completed in one day whereas the FDIS package would likely take a number of weeks.  You could also look at the  Doorcheck one day course at Ilford, I have completed that one too.

I must declare that I held the post of FDIS manager for three years, but that shouldn't prevent me from taking an objective view!

Hope this brief summary helps. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions. 


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Guest Lian Rigby

Hi Neil,

Has you view changed at all or do your recommendations still stand? I’m in a similar position wanting to take the next step in training and building my knowledge before ultimately being competent enough to carry out fire door inspections for my clients. 

many thanks 


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