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  1. I understand the responsible person for a business or workplace may be the owner or person who has control but does it have to be a name, i.e J. Bloggs, or can it be a company name or title as in office manager or director, where there may be several different persons doing the same role. Also can it be a management company or freehold company for flat owner/occupiers or does one of the residents have to put their name to the risk assessment. My reason for asking is, can the enforcing authority take a management company/business to court or does it need to be an individual. I am f
  2. Hello all apologies if this is not the right section. I have been asked about putting a fire curtain into a domestic house to keep the open plan feel, instead of doors and glass. This will be activated by automatic detection. My question is, it appears that there are two standards that may apply, BS 8524 and BS EN 1634. Is there a difference between the two and if so, which one to follow. Many thanks for your help. Regards Steve
  3. Hello all, I have been tasked to do an assessment on a private house in London. However this private house has staff on site 24/7 running the place for the residents. I have not seen it yet so don't know much more than that I'm afraid. My questions are 1. I presume that as the house staff work there it is a workplace and therefore comes under the RRO, is this correct? 2. Which guidance would suit it best or is it a mixture, due to sleeping risk, maybe and office or other workplace etc? Your thoughts please. Many thanks Steve
  4. Good afternoon all, I would like to improve my knowledge as a risk assessor in regards to fire doors and their make up, compliance etc.. So, can someone please inform me what is the more comprehensive course and pathway for fire door inspectors, is it with FDIS or BRE. Are they both recognised equally, in the industry, or is there a 3rd option I haven't seen. Many thanks. Steve M
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