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Porta cabin

Guest Richard

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Guest Richard


I am currently conducting an assessment on our fire procedures and needs but have a few questions if anyone can help please?

1) Portacabins - We use a portacabin as an office. As these are not considered permanent building due i need fire extinguisher provisions for them? Also the doors are the main point of entrance/exit but doors open inwards so do I p[resume I dont need any fire exit signage?

2) Evacuation routes - Apart from the portacabins and poly tunnels our entire site is outside. Due to this do I need any emergency signage for a route to the meeting point?

Any advise appreciated

Thankyou in advance

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Your site is subject to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, not the individual items and the guidance is https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/l153.htm.

The requirement of fire extinguishers will be dependent on the size and layout of the site including any buildings temporary or permanent.

Inward opening door are acceptable when the occupancy is less than 60 persons.

Fire exit signs will be require if there is exits routes that are not familiar to the occupants.

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I have noticed that some portacabins have only on entry / Exit in the event of a fire this could be dangerous hoe do the regulations allow this as an emergent door is not a huge expense How near can you put a diesel generator near a portacabin ?

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