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Fire door frame amount of fixings

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Could you tell me the maximum spacings for the  fixing of a fire door frame .

I usually come 150mm from top and the bottom, put one in the centre  and split the difference of the other two.  Making that five fixings per side.

I have been told by another installer that new regulations are 100mm max top and bottom and 450mm max spacings centre to centre. 

Are there any different regulations for fd30, fd60 etc

Many thanks 

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You should follow the installation requirements set out in the fire door leaf manufacturers instructions. The leaf of a timber based fire door assembly is always the main component of a fire door assembly, therefore installation of the other components of the assembly should be installed in accordance with the relevant installation instructions, data sheet or technical manual for that particular door leaf.

However, there is some standardisation with regard to frame fixings and the door leaf manufacturer will often refer the installer to BS 8214: 2016 in the case of door frame installation for timber-based fire doors.

Generally fixings should be 100mm from the top, 100mm from the bottom and at no more than 500mm centres.  Fixings should penetrate a suitable wall substrate (ie. fire rated to the required rating) by at least 50mm.

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